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Recommended Youth Sites

Welcome to our Recommended Youth Sites page.  The provided links are offered as a service to help you access other sources of information about today’s youth. Their inclusion in the site does not necessarily imply endorsement of the linked site by Youth For Christ/Youth Unlimited. Linked sites are not under the control of YFC/Youth Unlimited and, therefore, YFC/Youth Unlimited is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site.

Personal Development Sites:

The site below is a link to Mars Hill church in Seattle and a sermon by Mark Driscoll on dating.  This 55 minute message is an excellent guide for youth dating.


“Coaching allows you to get where you want to go… good coaching empowers people
to discern God’s will and take appropriate next steps for their personal and ministry
development… CoachNet partners with ministry leaders around the globe to help
you fulfill your God-given mission of developing leaders.”

For further information, please email the YFC Canadian CoachNet representative:
Brett Andrews at brett.andrews@yfccanada.org

“Helping Young Leaders Reach Kingdom Dreams”
This program is designed by Carl Nash of Youth Unlimited (Toronto Youth for Christ)
to help young Canadian Christian leaders act on what God is calling them to do with
their lives.


Experienced-based College Credited Learning in the Vancouver, BC Area
LifeTeams is a youth ministry training school emphasizing hands-on experience in
relational youthwork mixed with compassionate outreach opportunities, solid teaching,
individual mentorship and community living.

LifeTeams Contact Info: info@lifeteams.ca

Student Support Sites:

Learning where to go and how to appropriately use information that is on the Internet can be challenging to both parents and students. The following is a look at some of the most comprehensive and reliable educational Web sites a student can bookmark and use to research school projects and homework assignments.


Since 1995, Refdesk.com, which stands for “reference desk,” has served as a one-click springboard to many of the Web’s top dictionaries, encyclopedias, calculators, atlases, news headlines, and search engines. The site also includes a handy “homework helper” section that provides help in all subjects to students in every grade.


Ever wanted to know why earthquakes happen? How CD burners work? What the sun is made of? These questions, and a large amount of others related to computers/electronics, automobiles, science, entertainment, and people, are all answered at this award-winning Web site. Simply type a query into the search window or peruse the topics by category. Extras include free newsletters, surveys, and printable versions of all answers.

Fact Monster

This site features an almanac, atlas, dictionary and encyclopedia made especially for kids, as well as handy search engine and layout designed for easy fact-finding. Check out fun features such as Biographies of the Presidents, the Geography Hall of Fame, and the Tallest Buildings Slideshow.


Consider Download.com the ultimate file repository that links to literally tens of thousands of downloadable free or shareware programs. This includes utilities for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, Internet tools, desktop dictionaries and language translators, Pocket PC and Palm applications, and of course, computer games. Visitors can search by typing in a keyword or by perusing the many sections..


The Web’s answer to those black- and yellow-striped Cliff Notes is Novelguide.com, a reliable and free source for literary analysis of classic and contemporary books such as Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn and Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Notes from the Underground. The site offers character profiles, metaphor and theme analysis, and author biographies.


This site provides help in a number of mathematics-related subjects, including basic grade-school math, calculus, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and statistics.. Practice exercises are automatically graded, plus this free site also features a glossary, calculators, homework tips, math games, and lesson plans for teachers.


Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Perfect for language studies, this handy Web site automatically converts text from one language into another, such as English to Simplified Chinese or French to English. Simply type and paste up to 10,000 characters (about 1,800 words) into the search window and then select the desired language. Alternatively, you can cut and paste a Web URL to convert the entire site.

Shakespeare Online

This Web site can be filed in the “where was this when I was a kid?” category. On the aptly named Shakespeare Online site, visitors can read every play or poem from the world’s most celebrated writer and, more importantly, make some sense of his works with free analysis, Old English language translations, and famous quotes.

Science Made Simple

Science classes—including the ubiquitous science project—aren’t as easy for some to grasp as for others. At Science Made Simple, kids of all ages can get detailed answers to many of science’s questions, read current news articles related to science, get ideas on school projects, and take advantage of unit conversion tables. Users can also find out if their school’s textbooks pass the test.

Think You Can Text & Drive?

Attention parents and teens – Check out this distracted driving simulator that reminds parents and teens of the dangers we face while driving distracted. Users are prompted to text a friend while viewing different road signs via a computer animation. After engaging in conversations, users must recognize which signs they viewed while driving. A score with your “level of distractibility” is provided at the end of the game. View the simulation game here.