We see the hope and potential in every young person

Paint With Purpose (PWP)

The Last Supper Artists

The Last Supper Artists

PWP or Paint With Purpose is a group of students, that get together twice a week to paint and sketch with the purpose of improving artistically and sharing what Christ has done.

We’ve been to camps, youth groups, and youth centres to paint. Each time painting something to help students connect with God.  We’ve been invited to 4 churches, 3 youth centres and one home at this point and would love more opportunities.
Through the youth centre this program mentors, disciples, and teaches teenagers to express their creative gifts and understand what Christ has done for them.   We seek to paint humbly for his purpose and glory and pass the praise to him.

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This picture of Jesus is ten feet tall and in the Youth Centre in St. Thomas.  It will serve to point youth to God long after they forget we were there.







This is our logo and reminds us that we are setting up a cross everywhere we paint.



Youth may see spray paint, but we see discipleship and mentorship opportunity that offers us the chance to build relationships with youth.




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