We see the hope and potential in every young person

Organizational Structures

National and International Organizations

Southwestern Ontario YFC/Youth Unlimited is a chapter member of Youth for Christ Canada. The national office exists to serve and guide 31 chapter ministries across the country. Each of the 31 chapters has an independent Board of Directors and has achieved their charitable registration through the Canada Revenue Agency.

Chapter ministries are commissioned to reach the youth of their area through nationally approved strategies which conform to the standards and philosophy of Youth for Christ International. The international office oversees ministries in over 100 countries impacting over 9 million young people around the world.

Satellites of Southwestern Ontario YFC/Youth Unlimited

Our chapter has grown dramatically, increasing its number of Satellite ministries since its inception. Originally the chapter was an amalgamation of 7 satellites (communities). Presently 23 satellites are reaching youth in 30 communities across the region. Each satellite is guided by a local Steering Committee made up of volunteers representing a broad base of the Christian community.

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